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company name
Stantec Inc.
core business
Engineering design
Edmonton, Canada
esg consideration
Environmental and social initiatives

Company Overview

Stantec is an engineering design firm with 22,000 employees and projects around the world serving customers in a variety of end markets. Engineering design is a “fee-for-service” business with an economic model similar to other professional services (e.g., a consulting company or a law firm).
employees around the world

ESG Consideration

Stantec has produced strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. In terms of environmental performance, carbon dioxide emissions per employee have been cut in half since 2013. On the social front, its employee turnover is lower than the industry average, which is especially important given the human capital nature of the industry.

Even more impressive than its ESG performance is Stantec’s active role in designing sustainable solutions for its customers. Its organic growth priorities are purposely aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, management has identified coastal resilience, ecosystem restoration, smart cities and urban places, and energy transition as four areas of strategic priority.
A coastal city
The company’s work is best explained through its project examples, which includes its potential $1 billion (in Canadian dollars) revenue opportunity over time from its work in coastal resilience, its work as the lead designer of the reconstructed wharf at The Battery, a project that will raise the waterfront by five feet and will protect the area from rising sea levels.
Environmental projects, services and opportunities:
LEED-certified projects
net-zero-designed buildings
Environmental services
acres restored
miles of rivers and streams restored
Renewable energy
37 GW+
solar and wind power generation
115 GW+
hydroelectric power generation
Final thoughts
Stantec is a strong example of a company that does well by doing good. Not only is the company focused on minimizing its own impact and footprint, but it actively participates in developing sustainable infrastructure solutions globally. As projects and clients increasingly call for sustainable designs, Stantec’s leading ESG performance is a source of competitive advantage. We are confident that the company’s renewed focus on organic growth and alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals will continue to benefit all key stakeholders.
Sources: Burgundy research, Stantec filings
Definitions: LEED®— LEED® or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, available for virtually all building, community, and home-project types. In Canada and around the world, LEED is a proven and holistic path to addressing climate change, and to creating buildings that are more resource-efficient, healthy and resilient. Continuous improvement is a hallmark of LEED, as it constantly improves ahead of evolving government policy. 
About the author
David Vanderwood
About the author
David Vanderwood, CFA
senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
David bought his first stock in 1979 when he was 11. Although he backed up the truck and “averaged down” three years later, the company went bankrupt. That painful experience inspired David to dedicate his professional life to developing an understanding of how to be a successful investor. The fact that this ambition is a never-ending work in progress is one of the things David loves about investing.
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